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Original Magical Sanctuary

You are being called within.

It’s time for a period of deep rest to quieten your mind and unfauld your heart's desires.

Answer the Call of BearMedicine

Coming into authentic wholeness is work, it is the work of remembering and the journey of coming home. There is no greater work and no greater story.

The creative life is nourished through simple being.  Home is an inward place of zero distractions or interruptions, where the rivers can run clear and unobstructed, where the wild woman may stand in the depths with her net and fish for creative sustenance. Sometimes it's a whisper, other times a howl that leads us to know we need this space and time alone, with only sisters who can hold us and breathe life back into us when our riverbed has run dry.

Awakening to Bear

Come 0 Spirit of the Great Bear
Awaken in your hidden Lair
Dancer in the Starry Sky,
Awaken my inner eye.
Great Medicine Singer,
And Healing Bringer,
Grant me the power in your Roar,
Root it deep within my core.
Grant me Might in Claw,
And Healing touch in Paw.
O Spirit of the Great Bear
AWAKEN the Bear in ME
AWAKEN the Bear in ME

You are an exquisite vibrational being, moving energy and information throughout every cell and connective tissue in the body, and out into the world. when balance isn't there, life will give you feedback.

Our bodies weren’t designed for long haul flights, for waking up to mechanical alarm bells in the darkness. We don’t require the toxic jet fuels we consume to propel us into our airless offices flooded by strip neon lighting, or the dim gyms that have replaced wild nature as our playground in which to move our bodies naturally and sensually.


Now, our bodies are in the middle of a battlefield, and stripped naked, we are ill equipped. We armour ourselves with drugs of choice, television, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, recreational drugs, lovers, material goods. As we crowd our being with these experiences, forcing it to submit to our ego to achieve, compete and have on every front, the landscape within becomes more and more starved, more and more pressured, trying to sort and eliminate everything we are throwing at it, crying, often loudly for a return home.


when our world appears negative, dark and confused, when reason and logic seem to fail us, when it feels there is no path to follow, Bear guides us within to discover our deepest resources, and the light of inner knowing and intuition aids us in finding our way home.

 This Way.... This Way...

fierce feminine nurture

Experience the powerful energy of the BearCave

this is our signature scent and we believe it's special

  Expect this experience to be a return to your wild nature for introspection, infused with personalised healing treatments and nourishing care,

 enveloping you with fierce feminine nurture.

Without planned withdrawal and recuperation from the demanding waking conscious life, we cannot sustain our prana, our vital life force. This is why we feel depleted and at a loss, often manifesting emotional and physical

dis-ease in our bodies.

 Bear is a powerful ally who shows us how to regain harmony and balance through refuge and profound rest. Through the Great Sleep the dreamtime calls the tides of the unconscious forward for review.

This is a realm for digesting the year’s experiences, to traverse the darkness and reclaim your personal power and strength, illuminating what requires healing and accessing your reservoir of creative energy and potential. Here you will be able to link the past to the future and explore the possibilities with clarity and luminosity.

It's time to allow Bear to guide you back into your own body, to experience your own healing, awaken your deepest desires, reconnecting to your own sensual essence. The warm dark cave is your inner sanctum and the route to your  inner wisdom. It is the container for your renewal and unfaulding.

The soul responds to warmth. You will emerge feeling refreshed, invigorated and re-aligned, able to balance the solar power of strength and direction with the lunar energy of intuition and fluidity.

Medicine: whatever affects me, teaches me and allows me to grow


Wrapped inStillness















Heal, Introspect, Dream, Cultivate Strength

and Transform

melt into gentleness, thaw your heart, feel your body awaken

from exhaustion to inspiration



This is a retreat like no other, original, personal and magical. Supported solitude in peaceful beauty with room to hear your own quiet whispers. We are offering you a constellation of unique and tailored magical healing experiences brought to you in a one-to-one setting dedicated to your healing, nourishment and growth.


From within the bear cave we will open you gently out from a folded state into one of expansion. 

We begin with deep detoxification, targeting and filtering the accumulated environmental toxins in the body. What emerges when our body begins to to dispose of old cells is a flowing through of held emotional toxins, providing us with the ability to examine old stories and beliefs, woundings and misconceptions.  


We nourish and purify through implementing a physically cleansing diet, detox protocols, sensual movement, and energy healing modalities. Your body will move through yoga, your mind will quieten with personalised guided meditation and you will be brought by hand to reconnect with mother Nature. You will be showered with feminine nurture, soaking in flower baths, moon bathing and star gazing.


Throughout, your processes of letting go and dreaming will be supported by magical ritual and ceremony. Nurtured, held and healed you will emerge from the darkness holding your very own torch... for we are only the torch bearers, medicine women of the heart, little wild mothers for a time. We are here to nurture your creative sensual and spiritual life until you come into your own sovereignty, purified, replenished, and inspired, with the vision to continue your own unfaulding.

And the best bit? We come to you... we desire for women to be able to access profound healing and sanctuary here in the UK, without a ton of airmiles and travel time, to access the personal medicines that are at hand on our own lands. You don't need to go to India, Peru or Japan. The Oaks, the Pines, the Dandelions, our cold waters, dewy mornings and cawing crows all bring their messages and medicines to your doorstep. Let us know where you would like to go and we will arrange it. Accommodation will always be beautiful without being glamorous and wild without being inaccessible. 

We believe in the art of simplicity, less is more and when we are stripping down to the bones, some discomfort can speed the process. We are on a mission to set you free of your traps, we do nourishment for the soul, not pampering.

We don't take more than 3 women at any one time. This is time for personal solitude, reflection and deep healing. We do our best to design an experience that is as original, and magical as you are. Howl and we will hear you. Light a fire and we will see you. Hold out your hand and we will take it.

What's Included?

  • Pre-retreat consultation. We will provide your Ayurvedic profile for rejuvenation and rebalancing


  • 3 or 5 nights accommodation in a private room, in secluded, beautiful surroundings, set in wild nature for you to deeply disconnect (no phones, emails, facebook, appointments or obligations allowed)


  • 3 deeply nourishing cleansing meals each day, tailored for your needs. This may include juice fasting, light vegan meals or ayurvedic inspired warm foods 


  • Detoxifying protocols with herbs, kidney/liver cleanse

  • Powerful hands on healing including Reiki, Candali, Body electronics, summoning the Dragons and shamanic journeying.

  • Personalised programme of Ayurvedic treatments, which could include massage

  • Daily movement including yoga, dance, silent hiking to unfurl your body

  • Creative, personalisd meditations


  • Safe magical space for you to introspect, dream, sleep, journal and paint


  • Magical ritual to help you connect with your inspired desires


  • Goddess bathing rituals, connection to Aphrodite for beauty, sensuality and self-love 


  • Discovering your personal animal allies​​

  • The support and care of the Unfauld Sisters

In our paws

The results? Superfluidity. When we come into a state of clean superfluidity we are able to receive and transmit amplified life force energy. Clarity gives us lucid decision making.  Calm lets us follow through.


Operating in this realm now feels liberating and generous. We are now free to create in original, magical ways, writing original magical stories, influencing the changes we want to see in our world.  



Q: Who is this for?

A: Anyone who is in need of fierce nurturing and that is most of us. You may feel fatigued, achey, dull, stressed, unclear, or just have some insistent piercing thoughts such as "surely there's more than this"? You likely have heard the alarm bells telling you to take a time out but don't fancy a group yoga retreat, you know you need something deeper. Wherever you are we are waiting, ready to unfauld the next level.

Q: Am I ready?

A: We never quite feel ready, there is no 'good' time, we must make time and answer the call. If you are here, you are ready.

Q: Where?

A:  We organise sanctuary throughout the year and on-request, location is flexible and accommodation will be always be beautiful, simple and remote.

Q: What would a day look like?

A: We respond instinctively to where you are. We will decide what is needed at what time. We are not bound to any limitations or schedules. We have many nourishing, healing methods and they need to be surrounded by space to work their magic and integrate into your being. Some days you will need to sit in your aloneness and feel it.

You will have a tailored detoxification protocol and some form of movement and meditation each day. Other processes will be woven in and around what we are seeing and feeling.

Bear Sanctuary Team 
unfaulding original magical stories 


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there is no beauty without empty space

When you realise you don’t have to be anyone or anything you’re not AND you have permission to be ALL of YOU and PLAY with everything your heart desires- you'll be free to

unfauld your own original magical story.

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