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Original Magical Healing
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Tranquil Swan Healing

The Power of Being Held








Become like swan and surrender your body into graceful flow. There is magical power in human touch. By being held in safety, our body can begin to trust again, softening and allowing for our emotional armour to be removed, easing psychological and physical pain.


By using gentle nurturing touch you will be brought into a deeply relaxing theta state where transformative healing energies are able to work fluidly to restore you to a tranquil state of being. Through intuitive guidance the body reveals the places of stagnant energy and seeks a return to dynamic functioning. In this way, old energies begin to clear, the body begins to detoxify and we can allow what is no longer serving you to surface and release. Sometimes this will result in deeply held emotions, injuries or memories floating to consciousness. Powerful healing modalities are blended instinctively to suit what is needed. We may use Candali Fire, powerful Reiki, Scents, Flower essences and Crystals. 

relieving stress and anxiety •   gently supporting the body in states of disharmony (when you are  feeling physically or emotionally drained)

•   balancing the flow of chi (life force energy) •    deep theta state relaxation •    energy cleansing - removing stagnant or negative energy from the aura •    harmonising the nervous system •   supporting the body in healing physical dis-ease •   emotional resolution •   accessing numbed feelings •   protection •   returning your power

 Remote Healing

long-distance nurture


We are made of stardust- our consciousness resides outside of time and space -it does not reside in our brain! The best way to allow the mind to wrap around the concept of long distance connection is through experience. When we understand that we are intricately connected through energetic webs we can understand that one person/or living being may impact another, in this case for purposeful healing. It is particularly useful when constraints of either illness or distances are at play and often it's simply the convenient choice for busy people. 

When you are in need of a fast superboost, going through a turbulent time or feeling drained, we can many magical options at hand. Both Reiki and Candali can be sent to you at a distance, often we can achieve more in less time meaning we can incorporate some Dragon magic for specific purposes.

Long -distance healing can have the same effects as coming to see us in person, you will need some space and time to relax, eat lightly and drink plenty of water. You will be sent instructions before the appointment. 

to heal is to become free




Rebalance, Restore, Revive with Reiki




The Yamabushi are the Mountain Sleepers, the traditional Shaman of Japan. Deep in meditation upon Mount Kurama, where Usai first brought Reiki energy through, Peter Aziz a traditional British Shaman was awakened to a much deeper level of Reiki and asked to pass it on as traditional Reiki has become so diluted. This powerful system of 18 kanjis (symbols) bring understanding, clarity and healing to shed limitations and bring about transformation.

When we connect with Reiki, we are connecting with the a limitless flow of energy from Source. By acting as the conduit for this free flow of healing energy we can jump start the healing process on the mental, emotional and physical levels, stimulating the body's inherent ability to heal itself. The Kanjis allow us to direct the energy for specific purposes such as the separation of particular situations that aren't serving you.







Cleanse, Clear and Connect with Candali


(Tibetan: gtum mo; Sanskrit: candali) translates literally, "fierce woman" or "She who terrifies egotistic forces." GTummo Candali is a powerful healing system which is used in Tibet to cure serious medical conditions, as well as a great occult empowerment and protection. It is likened to a form of Kundalini yoga, Kundalini being the coiled energy at the base of the spine. The fire is awakened in the Tan Dieng region of the lower belly and allowed to flow upwards through the body, burning through and releasing emotional and energetic blocks in the chakra system. The practitioner need not know of the disease suffered by the patient and there is no need to discuss it.


Using meridian points (the same points used in acupuncture) the energy is channelled into the patient through the fingers or hands. Emotional symptoms, just like physical ones are briefly re-experienced as the underlying reasons for their existence are healed. The ‘patient’ will be guided into moving through resistance, denial and rejection of these experiences and embracing whatever arises. Candali is a safer form of energy to use to awaken the Kundalini.







Spiritual Allies from the Natural World

We can harness the powers of our allies in the natural queendom to help every aspect of life- physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, ethereal, and magical. Each plant, crystal or tree has a unique spiritual energy and can pass these qualities to us if we reach out and are willing to receive their help. Their healing energies work through the human energy system- the Chakras and aura and not through the physical body. 


Crystals and Flowers can help speed up the processes required for healing and give gentle emotional support improving the general state of wellbeing. The power of our allies may be used in your healing session in conjunction with other methods. Sometimes you might be given an essence to take home with you for further use.

Often a particular plant may come a-calling for you and make itself known as your medicine.





Dive Deep with Dragons


Dragons are powerful keepers of the Earth’s energy. They reside in the liminal and have a power that's free from the limitations of the lower worlds. Their power can be accessed safely and harnessed to change your reality. Raising them can purify and break patterns of ill health and bad luck. Dragon Magick includes spells and runes which can be employed for many practical purposes.

  • Manifestation 

  • Tie-cutting

  • Aura-sealing 

  • Opening the Crown chakra  

  • Banishing 

  • Recharging 

  • Cleansing  

  • Demanifesting unwanted things 

  • Releasing Karma, Indebtedness & Guilt 

  • Abundance  

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