Original Magical Stories

She screeches-  Who are you?

 Her talons grasp - What do you desire? 
She demands of you- Where is the original magical story that's waiting to unfauld? 

Wise Owl Coaching

The Power of potential









Move from chaos to clarity with the guidance of Owl. You've arrived through heartbreak - intense su

Wise Owl guides you through the dark, sees through deceptions, seeking out the desire behind the desire , her eyes beam illuminating light upon the truth the protagonist seeks, flying with you as a companion on your original magical journey. She steers you out of murky polluted swamps, nourishes you when weary, whispering upon the air “this way, this way”.

Working on all 3 levels, body, mind and spirit, wise owl coaching helps track the scent of your inner storyteller, magiciana and wild mother to bring you out of the woods into alignment with your life purpose.

We can't wait to witness your wild unfolding, the smoothing, soothing, opening , stretching, unwinding of the body, mind and spirit. We wish to hoot and clap our wings with you at the synchronistic unfolding of events when you begin to co-create consciously with the universe, gradually revealing what should be, bearing fruit and blossoming. 

 •  inspiration 

•    •     •    energy cleansing - removing stagnant or negative energy from the aura •    harmonising the nervous system •   supporting the body in healing physical dis-ease •   emotional resolution •   accessing numbed feelings •   protection •   returning your power

Harnass the Power of your Consciousness

Your reality is in constant creation through the power of your stories. Women who live out their original magical stories bear fruit for others- they are catalysts for impact and change. Many droplets together form ripples. By delivering you back to yourself, we will create ripple waves of change in the world.