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Original  Magical  Beings

Fierce nurture for the body, mind and soul

What We Do


We deeply desire for you to get clean and clear, to dance in the space of magical freedom which we have sought and found, a coming to full consciousness, a realisation of radical self-responsibility, free to break from the herd without a glance back, purposefully designing life by desire to create your very own original, magical stories

WE Unfauld original magical BEINGS through FIERCE NURTURE


Who Are You?





You are an original magical being. As a flower is programmed to bloom and a bird programmed to fly, you are programmed to embody your own divine essence, your signature scent, to unfauld the beauty and power within and to create from that blueprint, free from cultural and societal conditioning. 



What is holding you back?



Stress, anxiety, feeling physically or emotionally drained, numbed, disconnected from natural rhythms and cycles, hyper-stimulated, addicted to fake energy, overwhelmed by external demands, no time to do ‘your thing’, so slowed to a crawl by vague aches, pains, and tiredness that your essential essence has evaporated, your creative rivers are dammed and it’s difficult to grasp any meaning. 

You try to resolve this by doing MORE, and it’s NOT WORKING.

What Do You Desire?

  • To resolve the manifestations of stress and repressed emotions in the body and psyche 

  • To flush the dam of accumulated toxicity, sifting the gold dust from the sand

  • To experience abundant energy and spaciousness in both body and mind

  • To be be seen, heard and understood when you trust enough to unfold your authentic self 

  • To feel your own beauty, wisdom and sovereignty

  • To feel freedom and courage to make step changes towards your dreams 

  • To feel at peace and know you have a place in the world


If Only....



  • You didn’t have to DO so darn much to keep yourself sane and functioning in this harsh landscape 

  • You had a wand to make your dreams could come true, though truthfully you aren’t too sure what your own true dreams are- they are mired in the bog

  • You didn’t have spend so much time feeling caged, taming yourself for others 

  • You could crawl into someone’s arms, a safe place to be held, nourished and inspired whilst you repair, a quiet place where you are acknowledged, somewhere don’t have to feel SO ALONE.

Maybe You Could

  • Locate your inner StoryTeller, Magiciana and Wild Mother

  • Heal outdated stories

  • Discern your inner truth 

  • Harness your energy of potential 

  • Experience life through magic 

  • Command your inner sovereign and rule according to your own truths    


What If


You found 3 wild sisters who could take you in and guide you to

Cleanse, Nourish, Flow, Dream, Desire, and Alchemise as you

Unfauld your Ooriginal Magical Story?



Fierce Nurture is an art, a creative feminine act of love. It is an enveloping, cocooning, nourishing energy, a profound experience of being held and personally guided to your own essence in a deeply intimate way.


It delivers energetic, physical and emotional healing through natural, magical methods, teaching you radical self-responsibility for your well-being.


We call it Fierce Nurture because we deliver what we intuitively see you need, even when it might be tough loving.


We encourage you lean into uncomfortable feelings and experience everything willingly.

Fierce means strength, courage and agency and we guide you in embodying all three.


Unfauld your original magical story

Wing feathers couple on white background
I'm ready




'Who are you?'said the Caterpillar. 



This was not an encouraging opening for a conversation. Alice replied, rather shyly, 'I—I hardly know, sir, just at present— at least I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.’

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

meet the team

Unfauld Sisterhood


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Agile, Expressive, Passionate

Ayurveda, Yoga, Massage, Healing, Kambo


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Original, Energised, Strong

Healing, Business Witchery, Coaching, StoryTelling


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Soft, Connected, Refreshing

Meditation, Healing, Biking, Surfing, Hiking


You will always feel respected

You will always feel safe

You will always feel heard

Whatever arises is OK

All you need bring is the belief that things can be better

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