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Labyrinth Healing

Space to Transform

Our lives are heroic journeys into the Labyrinth, to meet our struggles and illusions face on. Lost and disorientated, we must find the red thread that can pull us back out and into the world to weave our remembering, our longings and take our place.

Healing and initiation are one process. What is needed is a place to begin, a starting point, and often a visionary guide who knows the ways of the Labyrinth to simply look you in the eye, hold you and say "You've got this".

The Wild Woman carries the bundles for healing; she carries everything a woman needs to be and to know...As in all art, she resides in the guts,.. she is the voice which says, "this way, this way"... she is from the future and from the beginning of time.


Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Powerful Healing Journeys 

Unique to you


Safe Place to rest 

Leaving Behind what you no longer need


coming to know one's power

clearing the way from all that keeps you from your destiny

unravel the red thread of destiny

The Labyrinth Medicine Journey springs from a longing to feel safe, to be held, for meaning, for the courage to belong and to create... 

Medicine is fierce love, delivered with tenderness, space, touch, witnessing, acknowledgement, and welcoming ALL of You.

SLOW DOWN…. The truth is within you. Life can once again feel like a gift, a dance between the spiritual and material worlds.

Enter the rewarding world of deeper feeling- gratitude, love, humility, wonder, awe- this is magic.

Transformation is by its nature both psychological and spiritual. 

What can happen when you give up the game of incessant struggle and resistance?

We aim to get you to a feeling place of deep knowing… that EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK.

space to transform

magical soul blend of heart medicine

The power of any Medicine lies within ritual space. Labyrinth Healing was built upon the concept of sacred space, a safe place to explore, grow, heal and find peace. To allow the body to do what it knows best. A temple that lets the light in.


As a Priestess of Transformation, I intuitively channel and blend powerful energy healing with sacred words for potent change.

We may work with some or none of the following:

Body De-armouring, Candali tantric energy, Yamabushi Reiki, essential oils, flower essences, herbs and crystals. A fresh form of Emotional Freedom Technique, and Shamanic methods of soul and power retrieval, journeying, the use of the drum, singing bowls, movement, breath and sound 

Together, we can enter the Labyrinth and face the struggles of exhaustion, hopelessness, depression, anxiety, ill-health, lack of meaning, relationships, grief, heartbreak, and disillusionment to unravel your red thread and find the way back to power and freedom.

Because life is experienced from the INSIDE OUT.


Hero's + Heroine's

power words 

"Helen’s work is both potent and gentle. I received remote Candali healing and I could feel a change the moment she began the treatment. 

I did need plenty of rest and water for a 24 hour period. The transformation was dramatic: after Helen’s healing work, I released old stagnant energy. I was so much more creative and felt energized. I released old wounds and pain that had been holding me back.


After the wounds cleared in about 24 hours I felt incredible joy and bliss well up within my heart! Overall, I felt so much lighter and free!"

—  Kris Oster, Author and Marketing Guru, California

"From the moment I arrived Helen was so lovely and welcoming her energy instantly made me feel safe and at home.  We had a chat when I arrived, Helen listened attentively and worked with me on what was rising for me.  I felt that I could really let go and feel my feelings without fear or fear of judgement. 


The session itself was nothing short of phenomenal and magical.  Helen intuitively knew what needed to be released and where it was stored.  Helen is truly gifted and emotionally held me giving me the safe space to work through all the emotions that were coming up. More importantly there was no rush or mission to complete.  It was a gentle process that allowed whatever needed to be released to be released. 


Helen gave space and nurture after the session to allow me to ground and process, journalling what came up and just be.  It was time for me no one else and Helen truly gives this.  Helen continued to offer support even after I got home with aftercare support.


I would wholeheartedly recommend Helen to anyone and will be back on a monthly basis to continue working with her." 

—  Amanda, co-founder, children's charity, Glasgow

"My session with Helen was life changing , I have never worked in my body this way where it took me on a journey that my body felt like it had it's own voice. I was completely shifted out of my head for once and this allowed me to follow my intuition.


Helen made me feel safe first so I guess she could read I had major trust issues and never really feel safe in life. I've already booked my next session as I want to see what unravels as I know how much lighter I feel after the massive release of pain and trauma I've held inside forever. Within hours my chronic sciatica pain had disappeared and so far hasn't returned."

—  Mhairi, entrepreneur, Hamilton, Scotland 

My truth was at that time, before attending the weekend ceremony I was suffering really badly. I was consumed with dark feelings and terrible thoughts that I struggled to accept and let go of. I had myself down as the worst person in the world and that I deserved to suffer. On the first night of retreat we entered ritual space with the medicine of Cacao and I felt it instantly open me.


I was held safely as I processed the feelings and memories that cause me to hold  blockages in my body and in life, it showed me the root cause of these false beliefs I held towards self. The 2nd day was even more in-depth as I saw more of the truth and saw the generations pass down and how the pain has travelled. I’m so grateful for the loving space that was held for me to process this. I walked away from that weekend feeling very vulnerable but knowing that I am loved, that it is safe to love and be loved for all that I am. The lessons keep pouring in 3 months later and I feel so strong in self now and my self confidence is growing. Thank you so much, thank you.

—  Emma, pilates teacher, cumbernauld, retreat participant


Image by Roma Kaiuk🇺🇦
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